My work is inspired by a love of words and metaphor, and clay as an extraordinary material. I make constant reference to, and imbue my work with the concepts of: light - metaphorically and physically, in process and form; organic - working with clay in its natural unreinforced state, embellishing the surface with colours, patterns, texts and textures inspired by travels through the everyday and away; raw - I work intuitively, collaging embellished clay into form; and play - I enjoy pushing this wondrous material to its limits, embracing all the making process has to offer, along the way to a finished piece. 

Ranti Bam was born in Lagos and currently lives and works between London and Lagos. She received an MA from The CASS where her thesis was entitled ‘How can art and design help man understand his inseparability from his environment?’ aka 'A dialogue between the known and the experienced' The research allowed her to make tangible her love of Eastern philosophy, etymology and clay. After travelling, including a two-year pause in Greece, she was accepted onto the renowned City Lit ceramics degree course. Bam has maintained a consistent and dedicated studio practice since graduating in 2015.